Snowflake Training

The snowflake data warehouse training is an advanced course on how to configure and manage a snowflake environment. This course provides in-depth knowledge of its functionality and design. After completing the snowflake training, we provide 100% job assistance for them to get placed in top companies.

Introduction to Snowflake

Snowflake is an open-source distributed data warehouse system built on top of commodity hardware, that can process petabytes of data efficiently. It provides infinite storage capacity and enables real-time query for analyzing all your data. Snowflake differentiates by making cloud storage economical with their pay as you go model vs traditional on-premise solutions where you have to invest a huge amount in buying hardware and hosting costs.

Why Snowflake is so Popular?

Snowflake is a cloud-ready modern data warehouse in the form of an AWS service. It provides enterprise capabilities in terms of performance, security and reporting. You can use Snowflake to serve all your business intelligence needs without having to deal with the high costs, complexity and opaque licensing that are often associated with traditional architectures. Snowflake delivers all the capabilities of a modern data warehouse while being easy to use, cost effective and available on the cloud.

Demand for Snowflake

In 2021, around the world more than 5500 companies started utilizing snowflake for data warehousing. These companies are majorly from united states.

Snowflake competes with all the major data warehousing tools. Some of the popular alternatives are Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, and Oracle Data Warehousing.

Some of the Industries using Snowflake for the purpose of Data Warehousing are  Big Data, Business Intelligence and many other related to Technology.

Chapter 1 : Getting Started with Cloud Data Warehousing

  • Data Warehousing in the Past
  • Latest Trends in Data Warehousing
  • Basics of Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Cloud Data Warehousing Benefits

Chapter 2 : Why innovation of modern data warehouse happened?

  • Need for accessing data and analytics
  • Pace of Data Creation and its role
  • Challenges in handling traditional data warehouse systems

Chapter 3 : Choosing the right Data Warehouse

  • Learning to choose a perfect data warehouse
  • Handling Data Privacy and Protection
  • Performance Delivery

Chapter 4 : Knowing about Snowflake - Introduction

  • Scrutinizing options in Data Warehouse
  • Identification of factors that effect performance
  • Finding solution for data protection and security

Chapter 5 : Working with Snowflake Platform

  • Basic Concepts and Architecture
  • Editions in Snowflake
  • Knowing Cloud Platforms
  • Features of Snowflake
  • Introduction to Data Lifecycle
  • Data Protection

Chapter 6 : Interacting with Snowflake

  • Overview of Snowflake Ecosystem
  • Working with SnowSQL (CLI Client) & Installation
  • Configuring SnowSQL
  • Interacting Through SnowSQL
  • JDBC Driver
  • Using SnowSQL
  • Downloading and integrating JDBC Driver
  • JDBC configuration and usage
  • Overview of ODBC Driver
  • Downloading and installation of an ODBC Driver on Windows
  • machine
  • Configuring ODBC and its parameters
  • Client Considerations
  • Resolving general issues

Chapter 7 : Load and Unload Data in Snowflake

  • Basics of Data loading
  • loading and unloading data in Snowflake
  • Loading and unloading bulk data in the local file system
  • load and unload data from Amazon S3
  • Loading Bulk data into Azure and unloading it.
  • Continuous data loading using Snowpipe
  • Loading data using the web interface
  • Querying Metadata for Staged Files
  • Data Querying in Staged Files
  • Data transformation during a load

Chapter 8 : Data Sharing in Snowflake

  • Gaining In-depth knowledge of data sharing
  • Learning about Data Providers
  • Working with Shares
  • Protecting data access using controllers
  • Configuring and Managing Reader accounts
  • Data consumers

Chapter 9 : Time Travel & Failsafe in Snowflake

  •  Introduction to Time Travel
  • Historical querying of data
  • Period of data retention
  • Activation and deactivation in Time-Travel
  • Cloning with Time-Travel

Chapter 10 : Implementing JSON and Semi-structured data

  • File-format options
  • Creation of stages in Snowflake
  • Loading JSON Tables


Chapter 11 : Snowflake Account Management

  • Overview of System Usage & Billing
  • Snowflake Credit and data usage
  • Snowflake Data Transfer Billing
  • Handling Resource Monitors
  • User & Parameter Management

Chapter 12 : Knowing about advanced topics in Snowflake

  • Integration with Informatica
  • Utilizing snowflake connector
  • Mapping & configuration
  • Sources & objects in Mappings
  • Lookups in mapping
  • Key range partitioning


About Snowflake Instructors

Our Snowflake Instructors are industry experienced and have worked on various real-time projects. Their experience will help you quickly grasp concepts and master snowflake at rapid pace.

Individual Training

Individual training is one of the good option which stand out in taking snowflake training conducted by experts in live sessions.

Corporate Training

This snowflake corporate instructor-led training course is conducted online by the expert trainers who are highly experienced.

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